Walnut Wood Cover Plates

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The Walnut Wood Cover Plates is a USA made wallplate using eco friendly Walnut Wood with a stainless steel backing. These plates have a hand rubbed oil finish to compliment the natural beauty of the wood.

We've created a modern version of the older style wood plates that are typically chunky, prone to warp, and are not eco-friendly. Our modern wood plates are created using a thin layer of real wood and have a metal backing that provides a separation between the wood and electrical system for better safety. Since we use real wood, each plate will have its own unique look based on the difference between the wood grains.

Please note, due to the metal backing, they cannot be cut or modified.



Country of Manufacturer: USA

Shipping Time: Shipin in 2-5 days

Screws: Matching Screws included

Size 1: 3.5 x 5 inch

Size 2: 4.625 x 5 inches

Size 3: 6.375 x 5 inches

Size 4: 8.125 x 5Ęinches

Size 5:

Sizes refer to amount of gangs in plate:

Size 1 is for single toggles, single rockers, etc.

Size 2 is for double toggles, double rockers, etc.

Size 3 is for 3 toggles, 3 rockers, etc.


Customer Reviews

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Shaun Stanwood
Take your interior design to the next level

Bought ONE double rocker plate for my LR remodel project. Didn't want to commit to buying all of them without checking product quality. These are metal plates with a wood "veneer" that looks and feels like real wood. It looks solid, feels rugged, and with the right color and accents in the room it really takes it to another level. Went ahead and bought the rest of the outlet and switch plates I need. Highly recommended.

David Beem

they're great..................

Thomas E Kauffman

These plates are absolutely it made of wood. They are absolutely misrepresented. They have a paper thin layer of wood over a metal plate. This is not as advertised. I doubt if any of these reviews are real. Don't buy this product expecting them to be made of wood and they said I have to pay the return shipping for a product they misrepresented. Garbage.

   Proudly made in USA

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