Black Victorian Toile Cover Plates

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The Black Victorian Toile Cover Plates Cover Plates are very unique and cannot be found anywhere else. These USA made metal plates are highly detailed and made with some of the newest UV imaging technology available resulting in photograph quality prints on durable metal switchplates.


Material: UV Printed Metal

Country of Manufacturer: USA

Shipping Time: Ships in 1-3 business days

Screws: Matching Screws included

Size 1: 3.5 x 5 in

Size 2: 4.5 x 5 in

Size 3: 6.375 x 5 in

Size 4: 8.18 x 5 in

Size 5:

Sizes refer to amount of gangs in plate:

Size 1 is for single toggles, single rockers, etc.

Size 2 is for double toggles, double rockers, etc.

Size 3 is for 3 toggles, 3 rockers, etc.


Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Smith
Cover plates

Simple to install. Looks great!

Sharon A.
Love these!

Just updated our kitchen in shades of black, tan and gray. Hubby says black wall plates, that’s what it needs. I hadn’t thought about that but started looking; since I’d purchased wallplate covers 8 years ago when we bought our home. These black Victorian ones are perfect, they came in every size and configuration needed with low key style, received them fast in perfect condition. You can find the sizes, style and look you need to make a perfect statement in your home. I wish there was a way to attach photos so you could see how perfect they are.

   Proudly made in USA

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