Deco Aqua Interlocking Floral Cover Plates

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  • Deco Aqua Interlocking Floral Cover Plates
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The Deco Aqua Interlocking Floral Cover Plates are very unique and cannot be found anywhere else. These USA made metal plates are highly detailed and made with some of the newest UV imaging technology available resulting in photograph quality prints on durable metal switchplates.


Material: UV Printed Powder Coated Metal

Country of Manufacturer: Made in USA

Shipping Time: Ships in 1-3 Business Days

Screws: Matching Screws included

Size 1: 3.5" x 5"

Size 2: 4.625 x 5 inches

Size 3: 6.375 x 5 inches

Size 4: 8.125 x 5Êinches

Size 5:

Sizes refer to amount of gangs in plate:

Size 1 is for single toggles, single rockers, etc.

Size 2 is for double toggles, double rockers, etc.

Size 3 is for 3 toggles, 3 rockers, etc.


Customer Reviews

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Andrew Pitonyak
The screws even match the graphic.

I purchased a variety of wall plates, this wall plate and similar. The plates are metal and sturdy. The thing that surprised me the most is that the screw heads directly matched the image on the wall plate. So, match the screw to the correct image location (in case the top and bottom would be different) and then "clock" the screws such that the image matches perfectly. I have not previously seen wall plates with this level of attention to detail.

   Proudly made in USA

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